Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Direction

This is the last part of my bio.  If you haven't read the whole thing yet you can click on the "About Me" tab.  My next post will be on Monday, June 6.  Have a great weekend.

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Sometimes in life there are situations where no matter how much work and effort you put in them the situation just doesn't turn out well. The last church was in decline. I and some of the members of the congregation attempted to redevelop the church. We were unsuccessful and the church closed in December of 2009. Since that time I have left the United Methodist Church. I am now seeking full time in a faith-based non-profit that provides social or educational services. I would like the non-profit to have the goal of moving the clients to self sufficiency.

Frankly, the closing of a church is a painful experience. Even though I did not achieve the results I wanted much good came out of the situation. While at Pikesville, I and some of the parishioners formed a family outreach ministry. The ministry eventually became a 501(c)3 organization. Through this non-profit we provided food, clothing, opportunities for fellowship, and referrals to needy families.
Again, to my surprise I found that I really enjoyed the work. The clients were well treated and welcomed into the church. This resulted in some of them gaining stability in their lives and self-sufficiency. That's the kind of work I want to do. Work that improves people's lives and helps them be productive members of society.
While I've been looking for full time work I have been volunteering and working short-term, temporary jobs to gain new experience and skills. I am the Facebook fanpage administrator for Columbia Bands of Columbia, MD. I write for on issues of job searching and unemployment. I recently starting working with the Empowering Minds Foundation which provides educational enrichment and tutoring services.

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