Monday, August 8, 2011

Arrogance Anonymous anyone?

Hello and happy Monday.  I've signed up for several e-newsletters produced by the Washington Post.  One of them deals on subjects of faith.  In today's newsletter I saw an article I had to share.  The author, Martha Woodroof, thought perhaps the members of Congress should form a 12 step program called "Arrogance Anonymous".  Like many of us she was not happy with the foolishness that went on during the budget debates.  She thinks the people of Congress behaved the way they did because they are addicted to power.  By implication she thought the debates were more of a power struggle rather than attempt to get anything done.

Ms. Woodroof might have something there.  Millions of Americans are still out of work.  Thousands of people are still losing their homes to foreclosure.  The economic recovery is very slow.  None of that seemed to enter the debate.  Maybe the members of Congress do need a 12 step group to combat their addiction to power.  Or maybe they're in denial.  Anyway...  Here is the link to the article.  Enjoy.

For Congress, time for ‘Arrogance Anonymous’?