Friday, June 24, 2011

Which type is your recruiter?

So... you've found a recruiter and sent in your resume.  You're sure you'll get an interview.  You're qualified for the job.  Anyday now the phone will ring.  Anyday now.  Anyday....

So what's going on?  Why does it seem like the recruiter has dropped of the face of the earth?  Perhaps it has something to do with type of recruiter you're working with.  Didn't know there were different types?  Well there are.  Two types in fact.

Brad Remillard of Impact Hiring Solutions explains that there are contingent and retained recruiters.  What's the difference?  How does that affect you as a jobseeker?  Click on the link and be informed.  I sure was.  "Two Types Of Recruiters - Retained and Contingent"

Enjoy the weekend.  See you Monday.

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