Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Shortcuts

Well,  I've finished the remodel of my blog/online resume.  That's the first change I made.  I'm no longer calling it a website.  When I first put this up I sent an email to my friends and colleagues asking for their input.  Be careful what you ask for.  My cousin said it wasn't "webby" and that it wasn't engaging.  But she also gave me some constructive ideas to improve my site.

I realized I was trying to take a shortcut.  Instead of developing an actual website I was trying to turn a blog site into one.  Admitting this also meant admitting that I don't have the time and all the technical skills necessary to build a good website.  So I've jazzed up this blog a little and left it as a blog.

My next few posts are the story of my career progression.  You can go to the "About Me" page to read the whole thing.  If you just want to read the first part right now, click on this link (The Beginning) or just keep scrolling and enjoy.

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